Welcome to my website!

I'm a health and fitness writer and ACE-certified personal trainer living in New York City—more specifically, the sweet little neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. I came to the Big Apple by way of Lehigh Valley, PA and Syracuse University.

I'm currently an editor at Life by Daily Burn. Before that, I was associate health editor at Family Circle magazine and worked on staff at Shape magazine for four and a half years.

When I'm not writing about fitness, I'm leading others through personal training at Uplift Studios. Or working out myself, usually at a HIIT, strength or barre class or running around NYC. My other obsessions: Carrots, cool cocktail bars, any and every Justin Bieber acoustic performance on the Internet, SATC and Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection (though I'd trade some of those stilettos for sneakers).

I just ran my very first marathon in NYC and it was awesome. I blogged about it a few times here.

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