I'm a health and fitness writer and ACE-certified personal trainer living in New York City—more specifically, the cute neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn. I came to the Big Apple by way of Lehigh Valley, PA and Syracuse University.

I'm currently a freelancer writer, covering everything from exercise science to workout gear to sports nutrition, with stress, sleep and preventative medicine in between. I've  previously worked as an editor at Life by Daily Burn. Before that, I was associate health editor at Family Circle magazine and worked on staff at Shape magazine for four and a half years. 

When I'm not writing about fitness, I'm leading others through personal training and HIIT classes at Uplift Studios. Or working out myself. I'm currently loving classes at Tone House, Brick, Trooper Fitness and any Pilates megaformer studio. My other obsessions: Carrots, cool cocktail bars,  Justin Bieber acoustic performances (YouTube them!), SATC and Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection (though I'd trade some of those stilettos for sneakers).

I ran my first marathon in NYC in 2016 and it was perhaps one of the best days of my life. I blogged about it a few times here. More races coming up for 2018.

(Video above courtesy of my friend's cool company, Scroll Motion. Check out my story on their Ingage app here.)

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